Will data science beat judgement to be a hot future career?

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Data Scientist

Short verdict: YES!

With the increase in technology and internet in day to day use, there has been a tremendous increase in a byproduct called data. One of the key advantages of technology is that it is very easy to record everything that happens through it. This creates a lot of information and records. This information can be used for a lot of things like decision making, problem solving, targeted marketing, medical research etc .

There is a lot of talk on data analytics, big data, data science etc. The amount of data in the world is increasing exponentially and the uses of this data for improving situations as well as solving problems are also increasing at a great speed. Naturally in this situation where there is some much of data which can be put to good use, the need for people who can make sense of this data is only going to increase. These people are called data scientists

Harvard Business Review article has this to say about data scientists

“What data scientists do is make discoveries while swimming in data. It’s their preferred method of navigating the world around them. At ease in the digital realm, they are able to bring structure to large quantities of formless data and make analysis possible. They identify rich data sources, join them with other, potentially incomplete data sources, and clean the resulting set. In a competitive landscape where challenges keep changing and data never stop flowing, data scientists help decision makers shift from ad hoc analysis to an ongoing conversation with data”

The basic skills needed for taking up Data science as a career are analytical ability, curiosity and communication skills

One must pursue the relevant course ( a bachelors or masters in the subject) and also develop technical skills in Data Analytic software as well as statistical and modeling software

Multiple research and reports show that the need for data scientists is going to grown manifold and this is going to be one of the hot jobs of the future.

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