How to tame the Math Monster with games

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Is your child scared of the maths? Does multiplication mortify her or does trigonometry terrify him? More than 85% of parents that we have interacted with shared the concern that their children feared/disliked/hated maths and they would love options which make their children overcome fear of maths. In this article we bring you a list of games and activities which you should encourage your children to do. Research has shown that these games & activities have a positive impact on children’s math skills and will help them tame the math monster.

Math Monster

Basic maths is not only important for scores in school tests but plays an important role in every career building exam. It is also needed for practical aspects in day to day life whether it is for shopping, personal financials, day to day decisions etc
In fact, maths also helps in Careers where its requirement may not be obvious .One such example is medicine.  The current mantra is – ‘If you want a unique career in medicine? Study math!’

This list of games & activities to help tame the math monster are:
1. Lego/Building Blocks :

Lego or Building blocks encourage kids to build big & complex concepts from small & simple parts. This helps in the problem solving thought process where bigger complex problems have to be broken down into simpler parts to arrive at a solution as is the case with math problems. Playing lego is the most fun way to tame the math monster.
child playing lego

2. Card Games:

Lots of card games like 21, bluff , rummy encourage ideas of permutations, combinations and probability. This helps a child’s ability to think about numbers and encourages mental math, helping to tame the math monster.

3. Origami:

Research has shown that Origami or Paper Folding Craft can improve geometry as well as fractions skill. Origami is an effective way to tame the geometry monster.


4. Chess :

Chess has a set of rules which help build analytical thinking skills in children. These skills are helpful in solving equations in algebra, helping you tame the evil math monster, the one with the unknown variables.

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