What type of a student are you?

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No matter where or what you have studied, you will fall into one of these generalized category of student type. After all, time is precious when you are a student. At best, you can humanly indulge in only 2 out of 3 time-intensive activities: socializing, studying or sleeping. Any more than that – you can only be called a super-student. And these are as rare as superheros. Read on to know what type of a student are you.

What type of a student are you

Student Type – Nerd

Do you love studying? Do you love correcting your fellow students on facts no matter how annoying you sound? Can you quote from your notes and text books any time of the day, month or year? Are you considered super-smart but a ‘non-partying’ type? Then, you are student type: Nerd

Student Type - Nerd

Student Type: Slacker

Do you manage to attend a class but sneak in at the last minute and sit at the last bench? Do you come up with creative reasons for not completing your homework? Example – my neighbor’s plant died and I cannot get over that loss. Then, you are a slacker. Here are 4 secret tips to make you love studying.

Student Type Slacker

Student Type: Zombie

Do you love partying at the cost of your sleep? In class, do you have bloodshot eyes and need to pinch yourself to stay awake for more than 45 seconds? Do you still manage a decent grade during exam time albeit with a lot of stress? Then, you are a zombie!

Student Type Zombie

Student Type: Super-Student

Are you the most popular person, have A+ grades in all subjects and in the pink of your health? If yes, pinch yourself and wake up, because you are dreaming. This is the super-student category and we all know they are not real!

Super Student


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