3 strategies to help your Child achieve School-Life Balance

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School Life Balance & Help your child achieve it

Work Life Balance is much touted among adults but as a parent have you thought about your child’s School-Life balance?

I was having a discussion with a few parents who are our customers and the topic veered to how during our parent’s time the focus was only and only on academics as they believed that academic success translated to career success.

The topic progressed onto how they (our customers) as modern parents, would want to give their children an overall exposure/holistic environment to their kids and not just stress on academics.


Wanting to do better than the best for their kids has resulted in the kids  going to an International school,  Krav Maga /Karate/Judo classes, French/German/Spanish classes, Dancing/Singing classes, Swimming/Tennis/Skating classes……AND  ALL THE KIDS  ARE  LESS THAN 10  YEARS OLD.

Now this is not an exceptional case. Today every middle class parent wants to do for their child which, in their minds, their parents were not able to do for them. That the times then were different and folks of our parent’s generation did the best for their children as did their parents before them is a different topic….for a later blog

This scenario has resulted in most of the middle class parents putting their children in expensive schools which provide or claim to provide holistic experience and additionally sending their kids to expensive classes on weekdays and weekends. Invariably the child ends up stretched, stressed, & exhausted. They are children; not energizer bunnies. Don’t we as adults grumble about work life balance when we “ Work Hard & Party Harder”?


After-school extracurricular activities are extremely important and develop life skills essential for facing the real world. However excess activities can lead to stress, exhaustion and lack of motivation. I have personally seen chirpy energetic children become lifeless when exposed to such a schedule….( School, Tuition, Guitar Classes, Singing Classes ,Swimming Classes, Karate Classes, French Classes.. so on and so forth)






So how can you help your child overcome this and have a School Life Balance?


Plan for Off days

Sending children for sports & extracurricular activities is good as it promotes exercise or develops a talent. Do keep in mind that children need time to rest so that their mind and body can rejuvenate. Ensure that in their calendar of activities they get one day free. Also if any day they are not feeling up to it, don’t force them to go.


Let the kids choose

If they tell you that they want to do something let them join those classes and if they say they dislike something, don’t force them to join those classes. While not all cribs of the children need to be taken seriously, you need to judge what they like and what they really dislike


Maintain a calendar

The optimum way for maintaining School Life balance in your child’s life is maintaining and updating their calendar. Now and then, review their schedule and work on improving it. If it is relatively free add some activities, if it is very tight do drop some activities from their calendar

Most important thing in maintaining your child’s school life balance is to choose the after school programs keeping in mind your child’s likes/passions and free time. Periodically review if things are working out and change the schedules if they are not

Extracurricular activities are important, so is Academics and equally so is the balance between the two. Help your child maintain a balance for his or her overall development.


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