How to choose a school for your child?

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This is a question that vexes parents 3 or 4 times in their life. The occasions in a parent’s life where they choose a school for their child are when –

  • The kid has to be admitted in pre-school
  • The kid has to be admitted in 1st Standard,
  • Maybe, after primary school / middle school or the 10th class/grade
  • In case of transfer or relocation of parents

While the occasion for this decision will come once, twice or thrice in your life, it is a very important decision. Parents typically use different ways of short listing the schools:

  1. Schools where friends or neighbor’s children study
  2. Schools where they studied
  3. The most expensive schools
  4. The most reputed or talked about schools
  5. The most sought after schools ( where parents apparently line up for admissions forms from 3:00 AM)

So on and so forth

Again to make a choice you must ask yourself what is that you expect from a school or a school education. Unless you are a fan of Mark Twain’s quote “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education“, you would want your child to get an education which prepares him or her for life, society and success. In other words, a school that teaches,

  1. The foundation of knowledge for higher education (Fundamentals of Language, Mathematics, Social Sciences).
  2. How to live and behave in a Society
  3. Good values
  4. Sports, general awareness, extra -curricular activities etc.
  5. Life skill development like communication, analytical ability, leadership, interpersonal effectiveness

We have worked with a large number of different types of schools (different boards, wide range of fees, geographies etc) .One of the key factors which makes a school average, good or great is the quality of school leadership. The school Principal or Director with an open or progressive mind makes a huge difference to a school and the impact is automatically visible on the teachers as well as the quality of students and the processes in the school.

The most expensive school, the oldest school, the most reputed school, the most “fashionable name” school MAY not necessarily be the BEST SCHOOL for your and your child’s needs. The choice of a school is a very personal choice and every parent can have a different answer and still be right. Answer the following questions to your satisfaction while short listing the schools for your children

  1. Is the school leadership good, progressive and open minded?
  2. What values do the school students display and how is their behavior in a non school environment?
  3. How is the academic record of the school?
  4. What is the focus of the school on sports and non scholastic extracurricular activities?
  5. What is the focus of the school on scholastic non curriculum activities?
  6. Does the school have adequate facilities like sports ground, labs etc?
  7. What is the parents and children’s feedback on the school and teachers?
  8. Is the fee of the school really worth the education it imparts?
  9. Is the school too far for your child’s comfort and the daily time spent in travel worth the benefit of that schools education?

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