How to beat exam stress

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Exam stress getting to you?Exams are indeed a stressful time for students as well as their parents. Who gets more stressed has been a matter of debate for some time now. Students need to reduce their stress in order to maintain their health as well as perform in the exams.

Research has shown that exam stress happens primarily because of –

  • Inadequate preparation & Low confidence: The student may not have prepared enough and hence is feeling scared to give the exam or he/she has prepared a lot but is not feeling confident about giving the exam
  • High expectations from the family: “What will my parents say if I don’t do well?”
  • Peer Pressure: “What if all my friends perform better than me? What if I am the lowest performer”

The above points have to be handled much before the onset of the exam season by

  1. The student planning a study and preparation routine in form of a timetable and sticking to it
  2. The parents letting the child know that while they expect the child to give his best shot, he should not worry about what family or friends will say but focus on the preparation. Exams and grades while important are not the end of the world

Even if the above happens there may be stress during the exam season. The five best ways to reduce stress in such a situation are

  1. Listen to Music for some time (15 minutes): Music lightens the mood and creates positivity in the human mind.
  2. Brisk walk/Physical activity ( 20 minutes): Physical activity provides a distraction to the stressed mind. Also physical activity releases endorphin in the body which increases positivity and is helpful in
    • Reducing stress
    • Warding off anxiety and feelings of depression
    • Boosting self-esteem
    • Improving sleep

3. Sleep well in the night (7 to 8 hours): It is a known medical fact that sleep deprivation leads to stress and prevents the brain from functioning at peak levels. In case of too much stress just sleep it off

4. Eat Chocolate: The cocoa in chocolate counters the stress hormone cortisol and helps in relaxing the body. Plus chocolate releases endorphins which act as a natural stress fighter.

5. Talk to family & friends (only positive natured people): Talking to positive people who are close to you helps lighten the mood and lift your spirits. It could be your family member or a class buddy.

On a lighter note I read somewhere that the 5 most reassuring words that you can hear from a fellow student are “I haven’t started yet either”

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