Why a good vocabulary increases the chances of success in life?

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Students, children and adults need to have a good personal vocabulary in their language of communication. Lot of entrance and aptitude examinations test this. A good vocabulary by itself is of no use unless one applies it appropriately. To cut a long story short if one memorizes twenty thousand words but doesn’t know when and how to use the words, the storehouse of 20000 words is a non performing asset.

If one has a good vocabulary and knows how and when to apply it, he or she is able to grasp and articulate messages better than one without the adequate vocabulary. One can be crisp & concise while communicating or use words liberally & generously if the situation and context demands. The ability to grasp and articulate ideas & messages leads to better communication skills which in turn enhances the probability of success of that individual. One of the important common traits of most successful people is that they are great communicators.

Two ways of improving your vocabulary and its application are

  • Regular reading of books written by great authors
  • Viewing of videos of speeches of great orators

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