Want a unique career in medicine? Study math!

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The age old parental wisdom – ‘Love Math? Study Engineering. Love Biology? Study Medicine’  no longer holds true. New age doctors use math quite a bit.

Doctors use Math extensively.  
Study Math to be a Doctor. Doctors use math
Study Math to be a Doctor
Gone are the days, when students picked biology over math, because they wanted to become a doctor and not an engineer.
Path-breaking cancer research is being carried out using IT tools and techniques. There are huge amounts of data being generated and scientists are using mathematical, analytical and big data models in the field of medicine.
To be fair, doctors used math earlier too.

In conventional medicines, math is important for doctors, nurses, surgeons. Dosages and prescriptions rely on math, mainly ratio and proportion, numbers etc.

CAT scans and other images need a good understanding of geometry. Statistics are important for drug research and field trials as well as in preventive healthcare and vaccination programs.

 Big data has revolutionized medicine

What has changed is the unprecedented amount of data being generated and used in the field of medicine, disease, genetics research. This has opened up new careers in medicine and healthcare, like data scientists, data analysts, mathematicians, programmers and statisticians and has created exciting opportunities in the field of bio-informatics.

New age jobs in medicine, especially in the area of cancer research, genetics, all use math. Big data has revolutionized medicine.

These jobs need both an expertise in the domain like chemistry, genetics, biology, immunology apart from some expertise in technology oriented domains such as text mining, ontology, data integration, machine learning, and information architecture.

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In conclusion, the age old convention that Love Math? Study Engineering; Love Biology? Study Medicine is no longer relevant





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