Can your child’s online time lead to your happiness?

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Happy Parents with Children

Yes – If it is done right.
If you are a parent with kids in the age group of 5-15, one common cause for anxiety is the amount of online time spent by your kid(s). For your parents, the cause for anxiety was the time spent by you watching TV. For your grandparents, the cause for anxiety would have been the time spent by your parents listening to radio. As means of entertainment grow, so does the anxiety under the fear that these means shouldn’t become addictive.
Most parents will agree that their children need a balanced exposure to everything; academics, sports, nature, social responsibility, art, life skills, entertainment for a comprehensive development. Overexposure to one area at this age is considered detrimental for overall development. So, if 40 hrs are available per week with a child beyond school hours, parents would ideally want those 40 hrs to be judicially divided into multiple development pursuits. No doubt that 40 hrs/ week on endless runner games or youtube videos will lead to anxiety. However, there are various options available online that can assist in your child’s development.
Tools/ programs/ devices that combine more than one area of development are useful in converting your anxiety to happiness. For example, anything that combines entertainment with academics/ sports/ life skills needs to be embraced.
As long as any online tool has the 3 elements of gamification, engaging content and analytics with a focus on development, it will surely be useful and entertaining. While endless runner games have gamification and engaging content, the lack of analytics and development focus render these as tools for quick fix entertainment.
Examples of useful online tools are Lumosity (brain activity), Elevate (English), IXL (Math), Fundamentor (Aptitude), Khan Academy (Curriculum).
Time spent of 1-2 hr a week on the above can directly lead to a common happy ground for parents and the kids.

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