4 secrets to make your child love studying

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As a parent do you feel that your child hates studying? Do you feel that it is a herculean task to get your child to love studies and do homework?  Does your child put up more resistance to studies than what the opposition parties put up against the ruling party?

Well, we have good news and better news. The good news is that you are not alone. In a survey of 112 parents that we did 104 responded that they find it difficult to get their child to study.

The better news is that there is a remedy. If you try the following four steps, you will find a drastic improvement in your child’s motivation to study and learn

  1. Let your child be the teacher:

    Research has shown that the most effective way a person learns is if he has to teach someone. You become the student and tell your child to teach you that topic. Ask questions from time to time to clarify your concepts (and your child’s). You will see that 40 minutes of study time will feel like 10 minutes for you as well as your child and make your child love studying.

Let your child be the teacher
Let your child be the teacher
  1. Use technology tools:

    Several studies have shown that students like to study if the course is personalized, adaptive and fun. Technology tools like mobile apps, web applications, educational games, multimedia courseware have the advantage in the ability to engage learners effectively. If you are worried about using technology, read our blog Can your child’s online time lead to your happiness?

Use technology tools to make your child love studying
Use technology tools
  1. Social Studying:

    Group studying helps to a great extent. Let your child invite some friends (who have the same subjects) and have a study plan. Group studying encourages social behavior like learning from each other, helping clarify concepts. Also it eliminates boredom (a key reason why children hate studying).


Social Studying to make your child love studying
Social Studying
  1. Appreciate:

    Also appreciate your child when he/she studies on her own, completes homework regularly. The small appreciations of these things go a long way in motivating the child to study. While your expectation as a parent would be that regular studying is a normal thing, if you appreciate regular studying your child will feel very happy and carry out this behavior to gain appreciation from you.

Appreciate your child to make your child love studying
Appreciate your child

Studying is just one of the many ways of learning. Just making a child study is not enough, you have to make your child LEARN. Here are 5 ways to motivate your child to learn



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