Parents: Stop these habits in 2017! (for harmony at home)

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We asked a dozen 8 to 15 year olds what they would like their parents to do in the New Year 2017 and what we actually got was a list of what they would like their parents not do.  Here are the top 3 habits parents should stop in 2017

Habit 1: Stop Saying “study harder beta (kid)

With getting up at 6:00 am to go to school and returning home by 8:00 PM after School, after classes, after extra classes, after homework, after weekend classes, it cannot get harder than this:

Chanting of “Study Harder “by parents becomes worse during exam days. The biggest Parents’ Dilemma becomes: Whose exam is it anyways?

Stop saying Study harder



Habit 2. Stop comparing with “Sharma Ji’s” Children”

Sharma Ji’s child got 88.8 % , your child has got only 87.3%., OMG! The world has not collapsed. Frankly, did your getting 85% and not 87 % in class 8th make a difference to your success? May be it is time not to force your child to be like somebody else and let her decide what she would like to do.


Stop comparing your children with others


Habit 3: Shouting

Yes, your child is not perfect and can be annoying and irritating .Yes, parenting is stressful; I know being a parent myself).  But, if you continuously yell at your kids, then you  hurt them, irreversibly. Try yoga, meditation or some other stress management tool to reduce (if not stop) shouting/yelling at home.

Stop Shouting

May peace reign at home in 2017! A happy and healthy relationship with your child will go a long way in your child’s overall development of life skills.

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